Our story begins with two people who grew up with nothing. 

Carmen grew up in Puerto Rico with 12 other siblings in a 2 room house. She literally had nothing that was her own. Everything she received was either made or handed down. Even growing up in Puerto Rico in the 50s and 60s, she didn't even have shoes to call her own. She had to make her shoes out of cardboard and duct tape. Despite where she started, Carmen worked hard her whole life, did well in school, and in 1977 moved to New York City with a hope of becoming more. That same year she would run into Herman, who would eventually become her husband. 

In 1946 Herman was born in Puerto Rico. When he was four years old, his parents moved the New York City where he would spend half of his life. Herman grew up in the south Bronx in poverty. His father ran out on him, his mother was abusive, and all the men that she brought into his life were abusive to him as well. He grew up as a kid in the streets of New York where he would experience the hardships of inner city life. In 1964, Herman was drafted by the US Army and served during Vietnam. After four years of military service, Herman would return to New York, get his Associate's Degree, and in 1977 meet Carmen, who would become his wife.

After they were married, Carmen went on to earn her Master's Degree and become a teacher for almost 35 years, where she made more than she could have hoped for. Herman began working as a salesman and, through hard work, went from nothing to earning generational wealth. Together, they raised a family and changed their family story from one of poverty to riches in one generation. They exemplify perfectly the greatness of America and what hard working people can do in the land of opportunity. 

Herman would eventually die in 2015 due to injuries sustained during Vietnam. He gave his life for his country, and left a legacy with his children of how love their country, their family, and their God. These are the owners of the American Clothing Company. 

Our heritage is one of God, family, and country, and to the end we make t-shirts that support liberty, freedom, and the belief in extraordinary greatness of America. We believe in the American Dream, limited government, and putting America First. 

We hope that we can be a little light for liberty and freedom during these dark times. 

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